Story behind Charms

The story behind charms is quite bizarre yet very interesting. It started in ancient Egypt where it became a tool for people then to recognize people and was used as symbols of good fortune and faith as well. Charms were also used by other cultures to prevent evil spirits and bad luck and also used by the medieval knights as protection in wars while others as a representation of religious and political beliefs. However nowadays, jewelers make charm bracelets to doll up our wrists.
People who love using charm bracelets wear it usually to represent some memorable experiences facts in their lives. The charm bracelets have an interesting story having been worn first by Queen Victoria herself and then followed by the other decent classes in Europe. Teenagers used them in America in fifty’s and sixty’s to signify events in their lives. The effect of this was a massive production of cute charm bracelets with tiny crosses, skulls and swords charms.
Moreover, since 2002 customers became insistently sought to buy the European Charm bracelets which comprise of a chain alongside which distinct charms and even beads can easily be put.