Charms and Crystals Elite Collection by Joy Lim

For Inquiries please contact: Name: Nicky Dave Flores Mobile No.: +639152476464 Website: Global Fusion Incorporated Exclusive Distributor of Charms and Crystals Elite Collection by Joy Lim Charms and Crystals PERSONALLY DESIGNED by Joy Lim Global Blue Sapphire – Citrine Mantra Bracelet A combination of Citrine and Blue Sapphire, this is a Loyalty Bracelet as well as a Great Charm for saving money. It is best to wear it if you want to achieve loyalty of clients. It also gives you the wisdom to earn and spend wisely. Camel of Treasure Mantra Bracelet The camel has long been in existence and considered a noble animal in China and Dubai. It is believed to be able to protect one’s financial stability. It is said that the camel is highly intuitive in nature and can detect negativities while steering itself away from their sources. Buddha Speed Up Transaction Bracelet This Charm Bracelet combines Peridot and Citrine, all powerful gems for good and better transactions as well as opening more opportunities for the owner. The Buddha represents safety in all aspects; the Buddha is mostly known to bring Happiness to everyone. 2011 Seasonal Allies Mantra Bracelet This Bracelet has the Spring Seasonal Combination with the Rabbit in it since 2011 is a Rabbit Year. Pi-Yao Mantra Bracelet This is an all-in-one must have Charm Bracelet for everyone most especially if you’re dealing with transactions and sales. The Pi-yao has many great effects for the

Fortune Teller Gold Bracelet with Bells

Includes: Bracelet.